Adidas Is Going After Thom Browne Over Use of Stripes

Thom Browne has become the latest focus of an Adidas lawsuit over the use of stripes.The Fashion Lawreports thatthe Germ...
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Amy Duggar: I’m Glad Counting On is Canceled? Can I Break My NDA Now?!

After 11 disgraceful seasons,Counting Onhas been canceled by TLCamidst the horrors of Josh Duggar's criminal char...
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Deavan Clegg: Jenelle Evans Drives Drunk With Ensley In the Car!

Folks, this Jenelle Evans-Deavan Clegg feud keeps getting uglier by the day. And we couldn't be happier about i...


2021年6月29日、ケンダル・ジェンナー(Kendall Jenner, 25)がフランス・パリでお出かけ!素肌にクロシェ編みニット×ワイドリネンパンツにショートブーツを合わせた私服姿のケンダル・ジェンナーをキャッチ (adsby...

Ami Colé Is Doing 'Clean' Beauty That Caters to Melanin-Rich Skin in a Whole New Way

Growing up in Harlem, Diarrha N'Diaye spent much of her childhood in her mother's hair salon, where she was "surrounded ...
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Janelle Brown: I Wanna Live in a Trailer, Okay?!?

Janelle Brown would like to set the residential record straight. Yes, she was forced to move out of her rental home ...

ストリートスタイル: Job: student/model

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Attersee Is Seeking A Brand Assistant In New York, NY

Attersee,a new direct-to-consumer brand based in New York (shopattersee.com), is looking for a Brand Assistant. This is ...


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Jinger Duggar, Husband React to Counting On Cancellation: "We Wholeheartedly Agree"

Jinger Duggar gets it. So does her husband. They aren't gonna whine or complain or even disagree at this point. ...