Craig Conover Sets New “Boundaries” with Naomie Olindo for Girlfriend’s …

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Even off screen, the Southern Charm drama never stops.

On this week’s episode, both Austen Kroll and Craig Conover were feeling the intersection of current and former romances.

First, Craig set new “boundaries” in his friendship with beautiful Naomie.

Meanwhile, Austen isn’t sure that he has a future with Olivia if she’s going to be so friendly with Madison LeCroy.

Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo – Craig Conover Instagram –

On this week’s episode of Southern Charm, viewers got a walk down memory lane of Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo’s history.

The two dated for three years before their 2017 breakup.

More recently, the two bumped lovelies in Vegas. These days, they’re working on just being friends.

Craig is with Paige DeSorbo.

We can all understand why, given their history, Paige is uncomfortable with Craig hanging out one-on-one with Naomie.

But this week, Craig and Naomie did meet up to talk about Naomie’s awkward chat with Chleb.

Chleb had discussed Kathryn Dennis at length. And not in a flattering way.

“One of the lessons that I learned after everything happened with me and you,” Naomie began.

She stressed: “is never air your dirty laundry with other people.”

Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell After 12 Months

Hearing Chleb dragging Kathryn’s name through the mud really put her own past in perspective.

Naomie had already apologized for speaking ill of Craig.

“I have so many regrets about that,” she emphasized.

Naomie Olindo on Instagram

Craig was not entirely receptive to what Naomie had to say. It was weird.

“Craig is making me really uncomfortable. He’s, like, jittery,” Naomie told the confessional camera.

“Not making eye contact,” she observed.

Craig Conover on the Water
Southern Charm star Craig Conover shows that never growing up has never looked so good as he enjoys his life of luxury.

Naomie jokingly characterized: “He’s literally acting like I’m part of a sting operation.”

Apparently, Craig felt annoyed that she’d called him to meet in person. He was very this could have been an email about it.

“Why did we have to have coffee to tell me Chleb is talking s–t about Kathryn?” Craig complained to the camera.


Craig Conover
Southern Charm star Craig Conover is a former college playboy who … is still a playboy. But hey, now he’s passed the bar exam AND has developed an interest in sewing. So the world is essentially his oyster.

The obvious answer is because this is a reality show, my dude.

But of course, Naomie seems to just be having an easier time being friends than Craig is.

So Craig told Naomie that he wanted to set some “boundaries” in their friendship.

Southern Charm Season 8 Trailer Shows Craig Conover and Austen Kroll BRAWL, Return of Naomie Olindo

“I think that Paige is being very understanding,” Craig told the camera

“Even though she doesn’t understand it,” he added, “because she lives in New York where you don’t run into your exes.”

Craig added: “She has been patient with me hooking up with Naomie while me and Paige were figuring stuff out.”

Naomie Olindo
Southern Charm star Naomie Olindo is known for a number of things, but many fans agree that she’s the most beautiful member of the cast.

“I don’t want to push it by disrespecting her any further,” Craig emphasized.

In other words, he put his own relationship on thin ice, and is making it Naomie’s problem.

Naomie felt surprised and weirded out by Craig, but she didn’t try to dispute his new boundary.

Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird, and Eliza Limehouse
Southern Charm stars Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird, and Eliza Limehouse went horseback riding together.

“I’m not trying to get with Craig if he has a girlfriend. That’s just not how I am,” Naomie told the camera.

“If Craig and Paige feel awkward,” she reasoned, “that’s on them, not me.”

Just for the record … plenty of people are friends with their exes. Yes, evenin New York.

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions
Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo, and Cameran Eubanks all react with visible horror and discomfort.

Meanwhile, Austen Kroll also found himself in an uncomfortable spot involving a girlfriend and an ex.

His own girlfriend, Olivia, invited Madison LeCroy to her get-together.

Austen admitted: “I haven’t spoken to her since the party.”

“I don’t want to pursue someone that wants to be friends with my ex,” Austen expressed.

Upon hearing this, Kathryn then quipped to the cameras: “Sometimes Austen can be a petty bitch.”

We don’t always agree with Kathryn Dennis. But she’s not wrong here.

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